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 INTRODUCING..... like.a.wintermint!

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PostSubject: INTRODUCING..... like.a.wintermint!   Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:14 am

heheh hi there I\'m The Boss queen of this post Squee! Well then.... i'm Lezlie. (yes thats how you spell my name)
I'm NOT a lesbian (some kid called me lesbian lezlie) I play cello and piano. I have a bunny named Amelia. umm... yeah i think thats it for random stuff...
personal now...
i'll have been breathing for 15 years next November
(i'm 14)
i have a boyfriend named Joey
I have a penpal named pru living in London... yeah
oh yeah, i love roleplaying
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INTRODUCING..... like.a.wintermint!
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