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 EternalHope Rules~

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PostSubject: EternalHope Rules~   EternalHope Rules~ I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 7:22 am

These are the rules, Any violating of them MAY start with a warning, depending on how bad the crime is.

1. Spamming will not be tolerated. We do not allow spam posts here.

2.Off Topic Posts- Please stay on topic..

3.Plagiarism: This would be posting text taht is not originally composed by yourself. If you wish to share anything, quote it.

4.Advertising: These would be posts, threads, or links created to promote other websites, businesses and so on. This will not happen without my permission.

5.Double Posting: This is posting consecutively in one thread. There are, though, exceptions to the rule:If your thread [This applies to roleplay threads, search threads, hangouts, and art freebie threads] has fallen off of the first page, you may do so. Double Posting by accident will not be penalized, but avoid it at all costs. In the case of Eternal's inactivity, after six days of inactivity, you will be allowed to post once again to hopefully provoke interaction.

6. Repeating Threads. If one is active, what is the point of making another one?

7. Disturbing the peace (This goes for harassment in the forums or via PM) Will NOT be tolerated. Do not flame somebody. Keep your drama out of the forums, and if you have a problem with a person on the site, keep that problem off of the site. Harassing or flaming a member on the site will cause a permanent banning if it happens more than once.

8.This website is a mature roleplaying site, but Explicit content, including pictures, media, sound, whatever, isn't allowed. If you have a mature roleplay {Including alcohol, drugs, whatever} Mark it 'Mature' somewhere in the first post, please. (Anything above mature, or of a highly sexual nature, should be taken else where, not in the threads.).

9.Use Proper Grammar. This is a literate community, please, if you have Firefox, use the automatic spell check.

10.Regarding Text Talk and l337- Don't EVER 'tlk lyke dis.' This is a LITERATE community, and don't ever use letters and numbers. You have a brain, you can all type correctly, do so, or you will be banned without warning.

11.Swearing- Go ahead and swear, but not after every word. ( It gets less and less hilarious. xD; )

12. Illegal Activities- Never create threads asking for pirated copies of games, music, or anything else that is being illegally distributed.

13.Proxies- Use of a proxy to avoid, or attempt to, a ban, an IP Banning is prohibited.

14. You will NOT under Any circumstance revive a thread that has been dead for at least three weeks. That is necrocing threads and It's a bother. This will end up in a banning immediately.

xD Mei isn't that demanding, she figures that covering everything, though, will help. C:
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EternalHope Rules~
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